Chris Mills Mediation

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Chris Mills Mediator

I am accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator, registered with the CMC and SIMI Accredited, a facility member of ADR-ODR International – with my experience in Law, business and financial services, having encountered many situations that parties will face, including my experience of the uncertainties of the win-lose formal court process in the UK. Mediation in many cases is by far the more effective way to resolve disputes, with a success rate of approximately 85%.

I have worked with Board and Executive Management to help deliver effective solutions in the resolution of disputes, contractual and staffing issues, avoiding lengthy and expensive legal action. I have significant experience in all aspects of corporate functions from HR, IT and real estate to complex governance structures, regulatory compliance, the shaping of business strategy and large scale transformation programmes.

Mediation style; My aim is to conduct mediation in a constructive helpful style, with a willingness to challenge, adding value and assisting the parties in exploring all possible opportunities to help them find a settlement, using my extensive business experience.

Core Skills & Expertise

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Workplace
  • Disciplinary Appeals
  • Property Matters
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Governance Structures
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Sport and Sport Sponsorship
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • All areas of Insurance
  • Risk Management & Controls
  • M&A / Due Diligence / Transactions
  • Procurement and Supplier Management

Professional Highlights

Legal Counsel, Governance, Risk & Regulation: With six years in private practice before assuming leadership of the legal function for insurance business, Pinnacle, Chris has used his deep knowledge of contracts, negotiation skills and detailed understanding of multi-entity governance structures to guide the structure and growth of multiple businesses. A senior Legal Counsel, expert in the challenging regulatory environment of the financial services industry, he has also consistently established and optimised risk control frameworks shaped to market needs, evolving legislation and guidelines.

Business Transformation & Organisational Change: Chris spearheaded a major programme of structural and operational change as COO of five UK businesses involved in asset management, insurance, private banking, real estate, and security services. Requiring the buy in of Senior Management and Boards of all five, a series of initiatives delivered annual cost savings to the group of £9M and included relocation to a single site for four of the five, the roll out of best practice across multiple processes, outsourcing of payroll and other functions as well as facilitating and driving closer collaboration amongst senior management with cross selling to key clients, leveraging established relationships in the different companies with senior decision makers.

Corporate Strategy, Expansion and Growth: Chris was key to Pinnacle’s growth from headcount of eight and turnover of £1m to a company of more than 1,000 employees and income in excess of £1bn. Central to the seamless transition when the business was acquired by Cardif SA, he also developed and implemented the governance and operational structures, established and recruited talent to a range of HQ functions, and drove efficiency and cost effectiveness in all aspects of the business as it grew and evolved.

Organisational Experience

  • COO, BNP Paribas 2007 – 2016
  • COO, Cardif Pinnacle 1990 – 2007
  • Solicitor, Private Practice 1984 – 1990