On-line mediation – it's voluntary and flexible, gives the parties the opportunity to resolve matters themselves with the help of a mediator, it's quick and effective and much cheaper than going to court and risking the 'win-lose' outcome - call to discuss further +44(0)7768 511203
On-line mediation – it's voluntary and flexible, gives the partiesthe opportunity to resolve matters themselves with the help of amediator, it's quick and effective and much cheaper than going tocourt and risking the 'win-lose' outcome  - call to discuss further  +44(0)7768 511203

Why Mediation

Mediation is a fast effective, least costly method to resolve disputes, which empowers the parties to agree a settlement and avoid the win-lose outcome of the formal court process.

Mediation Style

My aim is to run the mediation in a constructive helpful style, with a willingness to challenge, helping and assisting the parties to explore  all possible opportunities to help them find  a settlement, using my extensive  business experience. 


Financial Services (Insurance & Banking), Company and Commercial, Property, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Pensions, Workplace, Procurement, Regulatory, Sport. 

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